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My Big Fat Greek Mindset
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A study in Biblical Hermeneutics by Tim Hegg Investigating the use of Hebrew among Yeshua and encouraging disciples followers of Yeshua who are learning Hebrew today. Exploring the difference between a Hebrew and Greek world view as it pertains to Bible study.
A introduction to the Masorah of the Hebrew Bible by Tim Hegg Commentary through the Biblical book of Hebrews. In this two part series, Gary Springer looks at personal relationship building from a Biblical perspective. Whether our role in a persons life might be as counselor, parent, spouse or friend, Springer looks at various ways to approach conflict and personal growth within our own relationships.
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A in-depth look at the New covenant. What is it? When was in enacted? Are we part of it? Is it fulfilled? And what is the difference between the New and Old covenant? An investigation of Jew and Gentiles within the body of Messiah A lecture by Tim Hegg on the Spiritual Practice of Forgiveness.