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An exploration into the formation of the canon of Scripture This product includes Tim Hegg's marriage course "What God Has Joined Together" along with Hegg's DVD lecture series on marriage entitled, "Torah Principles for Marriage." Both of these products can also be found separately. A teaching series on Soteriology, or the way in which God saves His elect, by Tim Hegg
My Big Fat Greek Mindset
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Exploring the difference between a Hebrew and Greek world view as it pertains to Bible study. Messianic Siddur for Erev Shabbat and Shabbat Torah Service which is based on the traditional shabbat prayer book, but incorporates our Messiah Yeshua into the liturgy. A fictional narrative highlighting the significance of the festival of Passover.
Ariel Berkowitz looks at the historical event of the Exodus and shows how not only did God redeem His people from Egypt, but He was also giving His people the Gospel story through this event. A study in God's self revelation in the Scriptures, also known as theology proper, by Tim Hegg Exploring the formation of the Oral Torah and its place in the life of a believer.