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A teaching series the prophetic revelation of the Messiah within the Tanach (Old Testament) by Tim Hegg A look at the Biblical model for marriage and relationships Ariel Berkowitz looks at the historical event of the Exodus and shows how not only did God redeem His people from Egypt, but He was also giving His people the Gospel story through this event.
Season 1 of the Rob & Caleb Show dealing with issues facing the Messianic and Christian world today. Exploring Hanukkah and the modern challanges of assimilation Messianic Siddur for Erev Shabbat and Shabbat Torah Service which is based on the traditional shabbat prayer book, but incorporates our Messiah Yeshua into the liturgy.
Knowing our identity within the Messiah, by Ariel Berkowitz A video lecture on how to discern good scholarship from junk scholarship This presentation highlights the mystery of Yeshua's (Jesus') humanity & deity