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A teaching series the prophetic revelation of the Messiah within the Tanach (Old Testament) by Tim Hegg A look at the Biblical model for marriage and relationships Ariel Berkowitz looks at the historical event of the Exodus and shows how not only did God redeem His people from Egypt, but He was also giving His people the Gospel story through this event.
Life Made New in Messiah
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A history of the liturgical prayers found within the traditional siddur. As well as a look at what might have been prayed in the first century A studdy of sanctification and Romans 6 by Tim Hegg An investigation of Jew and Gentiles within the body of Messiah
A teaching series on Soteriology, or the way in which God saves His elect, by Tim Hegg A video lecture on how to discern good scholarship from junk scholarship In this two part series, Gary Springer looks at personal relationship building from a Biblical perspective. Whether our role in a persons life might be as counselor, parent, spouse or friend, Springer looks at various ways to approach conflict and personal growth within our own relationships.