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A introductory study on Philosophy, by Tim Hegg A study in God's self revelation in the Scriptures, also known as theology proper, by Tim Hegg Season 1 of the Rob & Caleb Show dealing with issues facing the Messianic and Christian world today.
Ten Persistent Questions
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A study through the book of 2 Peter, by Tim Hegg A study that answers 10 of the most pressing questions when discussing sanctification for believers in the Messiah, through Torah, by Tim Hegg A history of the Mishnah, Talmuds and Zohar, and a critical comparrison to the Apostolic Scriptures (New Testament)
This presentation highlights the mystery of Yeshua's (Jesus') humanity & deity A strong debate for a created solar system opposed to a evolved solar system, by Spike Psarris A study of the Sacred Name of God and its various pronunciations within some circle, and an in-depth look at the Hebrew grammar concerning the tetragrammaton