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Complete video lessons through the First Hebrew Primer The First Hebrew Primer - Introduction to beginning Biblical Hebrew Answer key to the EKS First Hebrew Primer
Community Bundle Package
List Price: $1,514.91
Our Price: $1,000.00
Bumper Sticker with the Rob & Caleb Show Motto A bundle of many popular products from the TorahResource store at a discounted price. A 1550's Munster and DuTillet Gospel of Mathew in Hebrew.
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A full catalog of the TorahResource products, viewable instantly by viewing a PDF version online, or in hard copy upon request. All orders placed with TorahResource will receive a free catalog in your order.
Gift certificates are a great gift for family members or friends that are hungry to dive into the Scriptures and foundational theological issues. Each gift certificate can be ordered as a digital e-card or as a hard copy. Gift Certificates can also be used to send scholarship money to someone who is wanting to take classes at TorahResource Institute.   A year long membership to the premier Messianic resource library on the internet today.
A strong debate for a created solar system opposed to a evolved solar system, by Spike Psarris A strong debate for created solar system opposed to a evolved solar system focusing the argument on stars and galaxies, by Spike Psarris

A strong debate for a created solar system opposed to a evolved solar system, by Spike Psarris

Messianic Siddur for Erev Shabbat and Shabbat Torah Service which is based on the traditional shabbat prayer book, but incorporates our Messiah Yeshua into the liturgy. An instructional DVD for celebrating Erev Shabbat and Havdalah service A Messianic Erev Shabbat Siddur that incorporates Yeshua into the Erev Shabbat celebration.  
An instructional guide to conducting a traditional Shabbat morning service. This product includes Tim Hegg's marriage course "What God Has Joined Together" along with Hegg's DVD lecture series on marriage entitled, "Torah Principles for Marriage." Both of these products can also be found separately. Like TorahResource? Want to let other people know about the great material you've enjoyed? Let people know about TorahResource! Now you can get a 3" X 11.5" bumper sticker that displays the TorahResource motto, "TorahResource - Biblically Based, Honoring Yeshua, Upholding Torah."

Tzitzit with Techelet
Our Price: $16.00
This is a package of 12 white fringes and 4 techelet fringes (all 100%
wool), for tying all four Tzitzit for a tallit katan or tallit.