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A book on the Ecclesiology and the Ekklesia Yeshua promised to build. A fictional narrative highlighting the significance of the festival of Passover. A look at the flaws in the theology known as "Divine Invitation"
The First Hebrew Primer - Introduction to beginning Biblical Hebrew Commentary through the Biblical book of Hebrews. A full commentary on the Gospel of Matthew by Tim Hegg. All five volumes total 1343 pages of commentary. (No audio CDs)
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Foundations: Book Only
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An investigation of Jew and Gentiles within the body of Messiah Notes for a study into the formation, maintenance and theological foundations of Torah communities

A complete commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians

How We Got Our Bible
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A book on God's self revelation in the Scriptures, also known as theology proper, by Tim Hegg Exploring Hanukkah and the modern challanges of assimilation A book on the formation of the 66 book canon of the Bible.
A book on Biblical Hermeneutics by Tim Hegg A book on navigating through the Masorah of the Hebrew Bible by Tim Hegg An introductory book on ordering the believers life around Torah observance
Answer the common questions asked about believers and Torah observance A book that looks at the prophet passages within the Tanach (Old Testament) that foretold the coming Messiah A two volume commentary on the Epistle to the Romans by Tim Hegg
Studies In The Torah
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Commentary and notes on the weekly Parashah, i.e. the weekly readings for Shabbat. Notes cover Gen - Deut. A book that answers 10 of the most pressing questions when discussing sanctification for believers in the Messiah, through Torah, by Tim Hegg A book on soteriology, the theology of salvation, by Tim Hegg
Sproul's survey of the ongoing impact of history's most influential philosophies urges readers to take prevailing cultural mind-sets seriously… because ideas do have consequences. A book on Paul's background and life of Torah perspective, by Tim Hegg A book on Christology and the first century expectation of the Messiah
Torah Rediscovered
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A case for sanctification through Torah for believers in Yeshua the Messiah, by Ariel and D'vorah Berkowitz. The booklet (spiral bound) of collateral readings only – used in Tim Hegg's teaching on "Understanding Differing Worldviews: An Introduction to Philosophy."
A book on the Biblical model for marriage and relationships
A short essay detailing the history behind the holiday of Christmas