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One New Man
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A focus on Ephesians 2 and the "One New Man" the place of Jew and Gentile within the body of Messiah Commentary and teaching on the Gospel of Matthew by Tim Hegg Commentary through the Biblical book of Hebrews.
A history of the Mishnah, Talmuds and Zohar, and a critical comparrison to the Apostolic Scriptures (New Testament) A introduction to the Masorah of the Hebrew Bible by Tim Hegg A teaching on believers identity who keep Torah
A study of various topics relating to the century believers, such as Oral Torah, Circumcision and more. A studdy of sanctification and Romans 6 by Tim Hegg Ariel Berkowitz looks at the historical event of the Exodus and shows how not only did God redeem His people from Egypt, but He was also giving His people the Gospel story through this event.