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A study in God's self revelation in the Scriptures, also known as theology proper, by Tim Hegg A study of the Sacred Name of God and its various pronunciations within some circle, and an in-depth look at the Hebrew grammar concerning the tetragrammaton A in-depth look at the New covenant. What is it? When was in enacted? Are we part of it? Is it fulfilled? And what is the difference between the New and Old covenant?
One New Man
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A introductory study on Philosophy, by Tim Hegg A study of various topics relating to the century believers, such as Oral Torah, Circumcision and more. A focus on Ephesians 2 and the "One New Man" the place of Jew and Gentile within the body of Messiah
A study through the book of 2 Peter, by Tim Hegg Messianic Siddur for Erev Shabbat and Shabbat Torah Service which is based on the traditional shabbat prayer book, but incorporates our Messiah Yeshua into the liturgy. A introduction to the Masorah of the Hebrew Bible by Tim Hegg